Our tried-and-true process is the reason we are able to offer ergonomic rates. Following a structured process ensures that the scope of the project does not spiral out of control, taking extra time and costing you more than anticipated.

AT THIS TIME, WE DO NOT OFFER EMBEDDED MEDIA OR SERVER-SIDE DATABASED SHOPPING CART SETUP AND INPUT AS PART OF OUR PACKAGES. Our package prices are based on promotional or display design, with simple shopping options. Should you require a more interactive or complex website, we would be happy to quote you a custom rate, or refer you to designers who offer more diverse services.

We discuss your company image, branding, marketing and demographic goals. We agree on a package or custom plan, and present you with DESIGN ideas. Once you have approved a design direction, a contract is signed, the retainer is paid, and we start developing the site. On completion, your final payment is made, and once that has cleared, the files are uploaded and we send you a COMPLETION PACKAGE by mail containing all documentation and backup templates and CD/DVD's.

Your Website is Complete - What Now?

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